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A growing movement that brings everyone together to make a positive impact on sustainable living through art.

Organized by Viant Commodities and Y Art Projects, ViaRT Art Award encourages children to create innovative, and meaningful artworks and projects by using recycled materials.

More than just an art competition, ViaRT intends to be a growing movement that brings children, families, educators, and businesses together to make a positive impact on the sustainability of our environment in our community.


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Provide education through workshops designed and conducted by art professionals to inspire innovation and creativity in youths.

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Focus on the younger generation because we believe that they hold the future to the sustainability of our planet.

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Encourage everyone to reduce, reuse, relook, recycle, and remake from our daily and industrial waste.

Our actions


Recycling Art Award

Encourage creativity and impact through recycled art with four categories of awards: You made a difference Award, The Best Story Award, The Most Artistic Award, and Public LOVE Award.


Support recycling and artistic education through online artist workshops.

Artist Mentorship Programme

Create opportunities for students to connect with, learn from and create alongside practising contemporary artists.

Supply of Recycled Materials

Connect with businesses to donate industrial and individual waste for students to create their artworks.


Create an online and physical display platform for students to showcase their talents, expand the impact of recycled art and enhance sustainable living.

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