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Session one: Introduction Workshop for teachers and students


This introduction workshop is designed for teachers and students to learn about ViaRT’s story, value, how to request for materials, and submission details. The workshop will last about 40 mins. 


Speakers: ViaRT co-founders Julie Zhu, Ying Ji



10am, Aug 1st, Saturday, 2020.

Missed the workshop? Here's what went down:

Session two: Workshop for students – How to use fabric as one of the recycled material


This workshop is designed for students to learn how to use recycled fabric to create artwork. During a one hour session of workshop, artist Sunaina will demonstrate the usage of homemade blocks using vegetables, bottle caps and other objects  in block printing on fabric .


Speaker: Sunaina Bhalla

Sunaina Bhalla is a contemporary artist of Indian origin, who lives and works in Singapore. 

She is currently researching traditional healing practices in Singapore and South East Asia with a focus on Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine that employ natural remedies like herbs in chronic health conditions like Diabetes and Breast Cancer.

Concurrently, she is also rediscovering her interest in printing processes as a contemporary visual language. She runs wood block printing workshops in Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, America and Australia and is working with schools to introduce this process into curriculums in Singapore.


Click here to check out more about her projects.


Date: Date: 5 September 2020, 10AM, ZOOM

Missed the workshop? Here's what went down:


Session 3 Part 1 - Conceptualizing an artwork

During this 45-minutes session of workshop, sculpture artist Alem will share about his inspirations and creative process.  At the end of this session, participants will receive a take-home activity which will be used in part 2 of the workshop.

This workshop is designed for secondary school level students, but primary school students are welcome to join in. The second part of this workshop will happen in early November 2020, more details to be released soon.


Speaker: Alem Korkut

Alem Korkut is a sculpture artist as well as an associate professor at ALU in Zagreb.

Alem Korkut’s contemplation of sculpture stays within the spatial, tactile and material, all the way to the dematerialization of the sculpture. No matter what materials, genres and methods he uses, from the classical sculptural form (relief and three-dimensional sculpture), through video projections that he exhibits as independent works, to interactive objects with electronic components.


Date: 4PM Singapore Time, 24 October 2020, 4PM, ZOOM

Missed the workshop? Here's what went down:

(Part 1)

(Part 2)



Limited seats available. Please send your request to for workshop registration.

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