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Conceptualizing an artwork [workshop recording]

During this 2-part workshop with sculpture artist Alem, Alem will share about his inspirations and creative process. At the end of the first session, participants will receive a take-home activity which will be used in part 2 of the workshop. This workshop is designed for secondary school level students, but primary school students are welcome to join in.

Artist: Alem Korkut Alem Korkut is a sculpture artist as well as an associate professor at ALU in Zagreb. Alem Korkut’s contemplation of sculpture stays within the spatial, tactile and material, all the way to the dematerialization of the sculpture. No matter what materials, genres and methods he uses, from the classical sculptural form (relief and three-dimensional sculpture), through video projections that he exhibits as independent works, to interactive objects with electronic components.


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