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Founded by VIANT Commodities, the first VIART project – ViaRT Award, a Children Recycled Art Competition will be hosted in Nov 2020 in Singapore. The competition encourages Children to create aesthetic, innovative, and meaningful artworks by using daily recycled material, or to reflect their understanding of recycling.  ViaRT Award supports children to deepen their knowledges of recycling, sustainable living, responsibility of usage of resources, and encourage them to develop their capabilities of seeking beauty from our daily waste.  

More than just an art competition, ViaRT aims to be a growing movement that brings children, families, educators, and business together to make a positive impact on the sustainability in our community.

Contest Details


Please submit your documents and photos from the link below:

Submission link may include the following documents:

  • Photos or videos of your artwork.

- For paintings, please scan the image.

- For sculptures, please take photos from front , back and side view of the sculpture, a video of the sculpture is optional.

  • Artwork details: artwork size, medium, title

  • Contact details: artist name, age, school, contact details

  • Artist statement to explain your inspiration and concept

  • Video (optional) to explain the concept of the artwork


Please submit all necessary documents by 22nd Nov, 2020. For any technical issues, please contact



  • You Made A Difference Award (The most creative idea among all medium) Primary school / Secondary school

  • Best Story Award ( The best recycling message)

         Primary school / Secondary school

  • Most Artistic Award (The best artistic presentation)

         Primary school / Secondary School

  • Public LOVE Award (The most likes artwork post on ViaRT Instagram account @viart_green)


We encourage all ideas about creating artworks on the theme of recycling, which could includes: sculptures by using recycled material, video of how to adapt a sustainable living, photographs about the beauty you see from the daily waste, other art performance and experiments are encouraged as well.

We encourage both individual and collective artworks.

We encourage participates to innovate, to experience, and to express and reflect a sustainable living.

For Painting/Sculpture, you can follow one the three rules:

1. Use at least 50% of recycled material from overall material in your artwork
2. Create the artwork to reflect recycling, no restriction on the material
3. A poster about recycling for the community, no restriction on the material

For Multi Media (Photography/video/other digital form), you can follow one of the four rules:

1. Photography about recycling
2. Video to advocate recycling or reflect the concept of recycling
3. A digital poster about recycling
4. Other digital form on the theme of recycling


For Each Award, we will have one first prize, one second prize, and three finalists for each  Primary and Secondary school group .



Benjamin Von Wong, an artist focused on amplifying positive impact.

Daryl Goh, an entrepreneur, art innovator and tech artist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive Media), Master of Fine Art (Media Arts) and a Master of Science (Technopreneurship & Innovation 2022). He is a nominator and judge for prominent art prizes like the Sovereign Asian Art Prize (Hong Kong) and The Global Art Awards (Dubai) and he lectures at the Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive & Digital Media.

Sunaina Bhalla , a contemporary artist of Indian origin, who lives and works in Singapore. Her artwork revolves around the repetitive and ritualistic nature of gestures and their traces.

Tanya Michele Amador, based in Singapore and London, an independent curator, writer, and researcher specializing in contemporary Southeast Asian art.

Ying Baron, Co-founder and Executive Director of Viant Commodities. Frequent industry speaker for recycling initiatives and Headmaster for ShePower, an organisation promoting female empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Ying Ji , founder of Y Art Project, an art consultancy firm. Graduated from Arts Management, MA. in George Mason University, she has led over 50 international curated exhibitions and managed various art consultancy projects across Shanghai, Hongkong,and Washington D.C., which include the Hang lung VIP lounge, Design Republic, Meka Living Room and many more.


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