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ViaRT Award 2021: A Waste Beyond

Did you know that in 2019 alone, Singaporeans discarded around 200,000 tonnes of disposables and generated 744,000 tonnes of food waste! The amount of food waste is equivalent to 2 bowls of rice per person per day. At the current rate of our waste disposal, our only landfill, Semakau Landfill, will be fully filled by 2035!
This year, in collaboration with National Environment Agency's (NEA) “Say YES to Waste Less” campaign, ViaRT is bringing you the second edition of our annual art competition, titled ‘A Waste Beyond’. Food waste and single-use items are generated daily, but with your effort and creativity, we can encourage less wastage and help extend the lifespan of Semakau Landfill.


ViaRT’s art competition is a platform to showcase your unique interpretation of the waste problem in Singapore and advocate good practices to reduce food waste and disposables. Choose one type of waste as a key element in your artwork. Show us what you think it takes to reduce a city’s worth of food & disposable waste. Create an artwork depicting the beauty of your zero waste city and show the world your wonderland!


Deadline: 19 November 2021, 11.59PM Please submit your artwork documentation and fill up the submssion form through this link: Deatils you will need for the submission form: 1. Photos and/or video of your artwork - You may submit up to 5 photos (max 1MB each) and 1 video (max 100MB) - For 2D artworks (ie. paintings), scan the image. - For 3D sculptures, take photos of the front , back and side views against a white backgtound. A video of the artwork (in MP4 or MOV) is optional. - For non-animated digital works (ie. e-posters), submit in JPEG or PNG format. - For animated digital works, submit in MP4 or MOV format. (As at least one image is required to be uploaded into the submission form, please prepare a cover image for your poster in JPEG or PNG format. It can be just a screenshot of the video.) 2. Artwork details: artwork title, size, medium(s) 3. Chosen waste 4. Artist statement to explain your inspiration and concept (based on your chosen waste) - a video to explain the concept of the artwork is optional 5. Artist(s) (that's you!) details: full name(s), school, contact details For any technical issues or enquiries, please contact

Award Categories

The competition is divided into Primary and Secondary School categories. Each category have 3 awards. They are: You Made A Difference Award This award is awarded to the artwork with the most creative use of mediums. Best Story Award This award is awarded to the artwork with the best recycling message. Most Artistic Award This award is awarded to the artwork with the best artistic presentation.

Judge Panel

Alem Korkut is a sculpture artist as well as an associate professor at ALU in Zagreb. Alem Korkut’s contemplation of sculpture stays within the spatial, tactile and material, all the way to the dematerialization of the sculpture. No matter what materials, genres and methods he uses, from the classical sculptural form (relief and three-dimensional sculpture), through video projections that he exhibits as independent works, to interactive objects with electronic components. Benjamin Von Wong, an artist focused on amplifying positive impact. Daryl Goh, an entrepreneur, art innovator and tech artist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive Media), Master of Fine Art (Media Arts) and a Master of Science (Technopreneurship & Innovation 2022). He is a nominator and judge for prominent art prizes like the Sovereign Asian Art Prize (Hong Kong) and The Global Art Awards (Dubai) and he lectures at the Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive & Digital Media. Julie Zhu, Co-founder and Executive Director of Viant Commodities. Julie is currently a board observer at The Hague Space Resources Governance Working Group reflecting her interest in and passion for space mining field. She is also the Singaporean headmaster for ShePower, an organization promoting global female empowerment and entrepreneurship. Julie is frequent industry speaker and has spearheaded Viant’s Recycling Initiative; she is also the co-founder of ViaRT to promote the discovery of the beauty in the waste and raise the awareness from the younger generation. Sunaina Bhalla is a contemporary artist of Indian origin, who lives and works in Singapore. Her artwork revolves around the repetitive and ritualistic nature of gestures and their traces. She explores the transformative effects of the deliberate infliction of pain on the human body during the curative process of alleviating disease and decay. By using industrial materials analogous to the fragile nature of the body, juxtaposed with natural fabric and embroidery, she examines the passage of time and the mark making that documents this process. Sunaina is currently researching traditional healing practices in India, with a focus on Ayurveda and natural remedies using spices and herbs.

Tanya Michele Amador, based in Singapore and London, an independent curator, writer, and researcher specializing in contemporary Southeast Asian art. Ying Ji , founder of Y Art Project, an art consultancy firm. Graduated from Arts Management, MA. in George Mason University, she has led over 50 international curated exhibitions and managed various art consultancy projects across Shanghai, Hongkong,and Washington D.C., which include the Hang lung VIP lounge, Design Republic, Meka Living Room and many more.


Criterion 1 (important!): Choose ONE waste you strongly believe should be reduced and create an artwork using your chosen waste as the subject of your artwork's message. For example... Chosen waste: Plastic straws from bubble tea Artwork message: Plastic straws take very long to decompose. When not disposed of properly, they pollute the ocean. Marine creatures and birds may accidentally feed on the straws thinking they are food. Criterion 2: Use upcycled materials as your main creation material. Bonus if you use your chosen waste as the main material of your artwork. There is no media or material restriction. But we encourage you to use as much found and unwanted materials from your home, school and immediate surroundings, and less new materials. Be creative in your medium and expression! Digital formats such as photography, videography and digital illustrations are also accepted. How will you use upcycled materials in your digital art? We look forward to your innovative ideas.



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